Regarding Laila Yaghi's son, Ziyad Yaghi:

I feel excruciating pain! I know every one tells me to be patient but don’t forget that the prophet Jacob lost his sight crying over his son Joseph when his brothers took him away. How am I suppose to feel when my son is locked down, shackled and treated with humiliation? How am I suppose to feel when I go to the hearing and see my son in an orange jump suit with his hands chained and a bunch of marshals sitting behind him and then afterwards accompany him to take him back to jail? How am I suppose to feel when they have all these marshals and police taking my son as if he was about to blow up something?
All is a game to show people that they are doing their job but alas they are stealing our tax money to pretend that they are doing a job! Do you know how much it costs me every time my son calls? For every phone call he makes, it is 25 dollars! You know now the game how it works? How much money they make out of this? Imagine how many families are in this situation and for every phone call made it is at least $25, and then if it is a little important then it is more and more money. So I ask my son to please not worry about the money and at least call me once a week, if possible twice
I am depressed and try hard not to be, but you know I feel that with every breath I take poison seeps into my lungs and then into my veins. I know I should put more time into his cause and so and so but I feel so paralyzed and lost for words. Depression is taking over me. And yes, I do pray and make a lot of thikr and dua, but I am a mother don’t forget
And then people tell me to get a private lawyer. So you tell me, how am I suppose to get a private lawyer that costs more than 100,000 dollars when I can barely afford my basic needs
And then I try to be creative, but even that has been taken away from me due to depression!
And then my son’s lawyer tells me not to publicize it because this will hurt his case more, then others tell me no I should publicize it because then every one will know about what is going on. O.K so many cases have been publicized, so did it change their status? Are they out of jail? And am I suppose to be in a situation where I am doomed if I did and doomed if I did not! I don’t want to be the one who hurts my son. I want to be the one who helps him get out of this situation.
A 21 year old boy who just got out of his teen age years! A 21 year old boy who used to be silly and just wants to play, been accused of something impossible. A fiction the FBI created! I mock this secret evidence that no one can see or know about! And you know why? Because there is nothing! that’s why no one can see it or know about it
Where are out rights? Where is president Obama and how can he let all of this happen and not do any thing about it? Where is justice? Where?

-Laila Yaghi


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Via Friends of Human Rights: Support Ziyad Yaghi. He lost his appeal, and will continue serving an outrageous 31-year sentence for a crime the government thought he might commit sometime in the future! The charge was conspiracy to provide material support to terrorism and to maim and murder people overseas. Who, where and when were not specified. The evidence, which basically was speech, showed he was not involved in any conspiracy. And in turning down the appeal, the judge apparently felt that the First Amendment does not apply to Ziyad. Also, the judge saw nothing outrageous with a 31-year sentence for a crime that hasn't happened. If you want to show the prison that you support Ziyad, and let Ziyad know that he is not forgotten, you can write to him at this address: Ziyad Yaghi (51771-056) USP Coleman 2 P.O. Box 1034 Coleman, FL 33521
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