A short message from the mother of Ziyad Yaghi:

It is always the poor and the disadvantaged who get thrown in jail! My son was looking for colleges and trying to get into a college when for no reason got thrown in jail! After he was in jail, I received all these phone calls from colleges that he had called and was waiting for a response! Every minute of the day I think of you my son and how they took you and now you are in jail for doing nothing wrong but just because you were a good person who minded his own business and was trying to better himself! Every minute of the day I hurt for you my son and realize that yes it is a world aimed to do injustice on innocent people, aimed to get money; an industrial prison (where people of money rule) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prison-industrial_complex A young man, who had his whole life ahead of him, is thrown in jail because 3 years ago he took an innocent trip overseas! If any ordinary American non-Muslim took this trip, it would have been gone unnoticed, but because my son took it, it became a crime! How is one supposed to visit his grandmother, uncles and aunts? How is someone supposed to learn Arabic and learn more about his heritage and culture if he does not visit his ancestor’s land!? Sign the petition and paste it onto your wall. If you know any pro-bono lawyers let me know. Educate your friends and family about what is going on to Muslim families in this world. DON’T STAY SILENT, SILENCE MEANS THAT YOU AGREE TO THE INJUSTICES THAT ARE BEING DONE ONTO INNOCENT PEOPLE. Read SILENT NO MORE by Paul Findley who was a member of congress for 22 years; Findley explains why these things are happening to Muslim people and how to stop it.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. To the Mother of Ziyad Yaghi,

    First let me say I am not Muslim but you don't have to be Muslim to sympathize with your situation. From what I've read, your son made some bad choices and got caught up with some stupid people. We've all done dumb things as a teenager. Very few of us are looking at life sentences for them.

    Second, let me give you some advice. Your son is not a detainee. He is an indicted American citizen. Petitions are useless. Your son is a minor player in all this and he should make a plea deal to the Feds. Here is why. Your son has two charges. The first, aiding terrorists, can get him 15 years and the second, conspiracy to kidnap and/or murder, can get him life. There is no federal parole for offenses after 1987.

    Read these articles:
    1) http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/cityregion/s_464095.html The Feds do not lose.

    2) http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/12/14/terror.sentence/index.html Syed Ahmed had one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Georgia and still got 13 years.

    If your son does not work something out with the Feds, he is going to jail for a very long time. Not for Allah but for Daniel Boyd, the person it looks like the Feds really want.

    You are in my prayers. I think the Feds are over-reacting in many ways but it does not change your son's situation. I'd hate to see him spend 10+ years in jail for being a teenager.


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Via Friends of Human Rights: Support Ziyad Yaghi. He lost his appeal, and will continue serving an outrageous 31-year sentence for a crime the government thought he might commit sometime in the future! The charge was conspiracy to provide material support to terrorism and to maim and murder people overseas. Who, where and when were not specified. The evidence, which basically was speech, showed he was not involved in any conspiracy. And in turning down the appeal, the judge apparently felt that the First Amendment does not apply to Ziyad. Also, the judge saw nothing outrageous with a 31-year sentence for a crime that hasn't happened. If you want to show the prison that you support Ziyad, and let Ziyad know that he is not forgotten, you can write to him at this address: Ziyad Yaghi (51771-056) USP Coleman 2 P.O. Box 1034 Coleman, FL 33521
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