As I stand here I ask my self why does this keep happening to people from different backgrounds
Medgar Evers an African American civil rights activists who was assassinated by the Ku Klux Klan in 1963 is an example of what is happening to Muslim people these days, except that people like Medgar Evers are replaced by the Muslims and the Ku Klux klan are replaced by the FBI
I wonder how a country that I am born in and so proud of does this to its own people
An innocent trip my son, Ziyad Yaghi took overseas has shattered our lives
When I heard that my son was jailed, I ran screaming upstairs and downstairs ripping my clothes apart
Why would my own beloved country do this to its own people? Where are our rights as human beings?
If anything this country should be ashamed of how it treats its minorities
As our founding father Thomas Jefferson said; No man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship or ministry or shall otherwise suffer on account of his religious opinions or belief
Well my son is suffering because of his religious belief! My son would not be in jail had he had been from a different religion
Ziyad’s heart is made of gold. He never hurt an animal and would not let me kill ants that crept on our kitchen sink
What is going on here is so unjust. So hurtful So unfair
This treatment of innocent Muslim young men has to stop because my son is not a criminal and will never hurt anyone
And you Obama have not lifted a hand
From all the injustices that is going on in your land
The people have been oppressed under your rule
Their mother’s hearts have been ripped and undressed
The scene is surreal
Their voices are echoed beyond the hills
Their screams at night have caused the church bills
To quiver
And the lakes, the ponds and the rivers
To shiver
And yet Obama you have not lifted a hand
Does our soul come from a different creator?
A different species when we bleed we don’t feel?
Are our tears made from a different substance?
Or are our tears the same tears as human tears
Obama we have pleaded for you to stop the oppressors
To stop the shredding of mother’s hearts with scissors
Too many games are being played under your rule
Do not turn your head… take the time to listen
To the whispers of the oppressed 
-Laila Yaghi © 

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Via Friends of Human Rights: Support Ziyad Yaghi. He lost his appeal, and will continue serving an outrageous 31-year sentence for a crime the government thought he might commit sometime in the future! The charge was conspiracy to provide material support to terrorism and to maim and murder people overseas. Who, where and when were not specified. The evidence, which basically was speech, showed he was not involved in any conspiracy. And in turning down the appeal, the judge apparently felt that the First Amendment does not apply to Ziyad. Also, the judge saw nothing outrageous with a 31-year sentence for a crime that hasn't happened. If you want to show the prison that you support Ziyad, and let Ziyad know that he is not forgotten, you can write to him at this address: Ziyad Yaghi (51771-056) USP Coleman 2 P.O. Box 1034 Coleman, FL 33521
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