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Yaghi's Mom
Laila Yaghi holding a picture of her imprisoned son

Guest: Laila Yaghi, mother of Ziyad Yaghi – an innocent young American framed in one of the most absurd “terror” cases yet – which is saying something!
19-year-old Ziyad’s “crime”: He went to visit relations in Jordan. The FBI claimed he was plotting some kind of nebulous “terror attack.” Yet they couldn’t even hazard a guess as to who or what he was going to attack, how, or when.
The FBI followed Ziyad, wiretapped him, knew his every move – and found not a shred of evidence that he was even thinking of committing a crime of any kind. So they had to claim that when he discussed getting married, “getting married” was a code word for jihad. When he went to the beach in Egypt, they said “going to the beach” is code for jihad.
For thinking of getting married, and visiting the beach, Ziyad was sentenced to 31.5 years in prison.
In the eyes of the FBI, his real crime – like that of Tarek Mehanna – was refusing to tell the FBI the lies they wanted to hear. The FBI wanted Ziyad to be an informant, and to make up false accusations against men he (barely) knew. He refused to lie. So they ruined his life.
For more information, see: An Innocent Man Remains in America’s Gulag Today
Free Ziyad Yaghi
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February 12, 2014
via Laila Yaghi: I wrote this poem a few days after my son lost his appeal to this evil system

Hell or Heavenly Hell?

Sometimes I wonder why the sun comes out everyday
Why the stars march out on the sky
In their bright uniforms
Scatter on a black field of glory
Contrasting sharply on an ocean 
Full of secrets
Of His signs

I wonder why death when it is inevitable
Doesn't seem to flash in front of the oppressors’ eyes?

I wonder when the moon crosses path with the sun
Do they dance? Or just shake hands?
Or kiss a kiss of death?

I wonder what the moon whispers to the sun
When the shadow of God
Encompasses their crossings

I’ve seen the moon hand a document to the sun
Full of evil deeds
Of judges and prosecutors
I’ve seen the stars hide behind the Earth
From fear
I’ve seen a candle lit of magnificent beauty
When the angels read
Prosecutors and judges on one side
Oppressed and the poor on the other side
A smile painted on my lips
Indeed A Just God

Humans in their limited thinking
Think they seem to not seize
But soon they seize to exist
Every one goes to their dwellings

At the end
You might sit on the moon
Or on the sun
Either one you choose
Hell or heavenly Hell
Frost bites from the cold moon
Compete with the scorching heat

You might dangle your feet
You might feel you are up in the air
But at the end everyone dies
And is accountable for their deeds

Has your life ever flashed before your eyes?
In a rapid speed
Have you ever had a near death experience?

That is your conscious indeed
Knocking on the door

Of your dead soul

©Laila Yaghi

Injustice Against Ziyad Yaghi Continues, Court Affirms Conviction
Appellate court ignores key points in appeal and reaffirms convictions, says attorney

DALLAS – February 14, 2014  Representatives at Muslim Legal Fund of America are saddened by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals' decision to affirm Ziyad Yaghi's conviction in United States of America v. Ziyad Yaghi (Appeal # 12-4063), in which appellate attorney Robert Boyle says Yaghi was convicted based solely on First Amendment activities.

Boyle said that the court failed to address the key issues raised in the appeal and seemed to move the law farther away from liberty in the security versus liberty debate.

"They avoided the legal issues, but what I find particularly disturbing is the undercurrent of Islamophobia in the decision,” Boyle said. “The court endorses the use of broad conspiracy laws to ensnare Muslim youth who are targeted and then prosecuted for debating issues affecting Muslims worldwide. Debates and political speech are activities that have long been held to be protected by the First Amendment and essential to our democracy."

Khalil Meek, Executive Director of MLFA, said that the court’s decision is a step back in America's commitment to freedom of speech.

“Just as we saw in the Sami Alarian case, prosecutors are now going after law-abiding community members for prosecution when they believe the speech will alarm jurors,” Meek said. “Sharing political or religious views should never be criminalized, no matter how distasteful some may find those views.”

Robert Boyle, Esq. is an attorney specializing in criminal appeals, civil rights and human rights litigation. He has represented several targets of government entrapment in alleged "material support" prosecutions.

The Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) is a national civil liberties legal fund that defends the U.S. Bill of Rights by supporting legal cases involving civil liberty encroachments. Established in 2001, MLFA has defended freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to a fair trial, due process of law and many of our nation's civil liberties. To learn more about MLFA, visit their website at

Write to Ziyad Yaghi

Write to Ziyad Yaghi:
Ziyad Yaghi (51771-056)
Federal Correctional Complex-USP-2
P.O. Box 1034
Coleman, FL 33521-0879

Write to Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan:
Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan #51769-056
USP Coleman I U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. BOX 1033
Coleman, FL 33521

Important Information

Via Friends of Human Rights: Support Ziyad Yaghi. He lost his appeal, and will continue serving an outrageous 31-year sentence for a crime the government thought he might commit sometime in the future! The charge was conspiracy to provide material support to terrorism and to maim and murder people overseas. Who, where and when were not specified. The evidence, which basically was speech, showed he was not involved in any conspiracy. And in turning down the appeal, the judge apparently felt that the First Amendment does not apply to Ziyad. Also, the judge saw nothing outrageous with a 31-year sentence for a crime that hasn't happened. If you want to show the prison that you support Ziyad, and let Ziyad know that he is not forgotten, you can write to him at this address: Ziyad Yaghi (51771-056) USP Coleman 2 P.O. Box 1034 Coleman, FL 33521
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